Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's out there:
  • "Are You Lonesome Tonight" at Thrilling Detective (7/31)
  • "Publish or Perish" at Thuglit (11/3)
  • "Twenty-Ten" at Spinetingler (10/30)
  • "Drainpipe," "Shoes," and "Trunks" at Alfred Hitchcock (various)
  • "Hate Crime" soon to be at Writer's Digest Short Short Contest
  • "Unmarked Grave" at Fear and Trembling (9/30)
  • "The Growth" with Birds producer for possible screenplay adaptation

The drawing board is cluttered with stuff, too, but no point listing it.

The new novel, Didn't Hear Nobody Die, is between 15-20,000 words, but a little too rambling. I am going to cut some fat and (for the first time) intersperse some third person chapters, ala Patterson. I really want this to be a lean, fast-paced, laser-focused race to the finish.

Songs? One. "Don't Bury Me," a blues number for my old friend John D'Amato.

That's the contents of the nutshell. For now.